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Mystery poster

"Kirie Saito (Minami), a transfer student is racing against time to save her friend from a dangerous bet. Has the infamous AKA MANTO once again returned to the school?

Chilling Chronicle of a Crimson Cape is one of many playable mysteries that can be carried out in order to bring a player closer to defeating the Old God of their playthrough. In the 2017 demo, it is the personal mystery of Kirie Minami.


A new game is spreading among your friends. A dare to stay in the unused school restroom after classes. A dare to meet AKA MANTO.

What was originally a harmless fun has turned deadly. A body of a boy has been found last week.

School director has banned the game but it only made it more popular. AKA MANTO must be stopped before another kid is killed.


"gather GOSSIP about the current mystery (0/1)"

In order to fulfill this side quest, go to the SCHOOL and enter the SCHOOLYARD. Select "LATEST GOSSIP" for every student that you see until you find a student that tells you: "...when AKA MANTO asks which paper do you want - you must refuse anything!" Note that you may have to reroll the students that come to the schoolyard, either by selecting "WAIT (+2% DOOM)" or selecting "ACCESS ROOFTOP" and coming back to the schoolyard.

Completion of this side quest is necessary to reach Ending A as well as AKA MANTO's special bad ending.

"You've heard some versions of the legend. Everyone agrees you can't take anything the man offers you, though."


  • "One of your friends says, he doesn't believe in curses and is going to complete the dangerous dare." (Investigate SCHOOL)
  • "You've reported it to your principal, who promises, he will take care of it. With friend safe for now, you should look into the legend. Maybe there's a mention of AKA MANTO in the city's library?" (Investigate DOWNTOWN)
  • "All missing girls were apparently members of the school swimming team. Maybe someone saw the kidnapper stalking them? Checking out SCHOOL's pool area is a good idea." (Investigate SCHOOL)
  • "One of the articles mentions a young doctor performing a life-saving surgery on a victim of a brutal assault, that happened in a toilet stall... Maybe he still works at the hospital and can share some information?" (Investigate HOSPITAL)
  • "You learn that the doctor suddenly left the hospital after the latest murder, taking all records with him. Why would he do that?... That's not the only bad news today. Your friend didn't come to school today and another body has supposedly been found..." (Investigate SCHOOL)
  • "Principal has ordered the school to be closed down for the investigation. You must get in and save your friend." (Investigate DOWNTOWN)
  • "You break the window and get inside the school unnoticed. The cursed toilet is located on the third floor. Let's go there!" (Investigate SCHOOL)
  • "There is no turning back now. You step into the last stall and close the door behind you..." (Investigate Target Location: CURSED TOILET)

Legend, Alive[]

"You wait in the stall, trying to be as quiet as possible. Suddenly... *squish, squeak*

"The sound of rubber boots and an unknown liquid dripping on the tiles... *squish, squeak*

"You can see the top of his head. He's taller than any man you've ever seen. *squish, squeak*

"The door slowly opens..."

Available Options:

  • Prepare Yourself

Prepare Yourself[]

"A masked man dressed in a red coat, clearly too high for the ceiling emerges from outside. 'tElL mE...' his voice sounds like a faulty radio. 'wOuLd YoU lIkE RED pApEr... Or BLUE PaPer?'"

Available Options:

  • 'RED paper'
  • 'BLUE paper'
  • 'I don't want anything from you!' (only available upon completing Side Quest)

'RED paper'[]

"Tall man in a red coat takes out a butcher's knife and stabs you in the stomach. Blood splatters on the stall's wall as you rush to the door. (-3 STAMINA)"

Available Option

  • resolve this event

Triggers fight with AKA MANTO. Upon his defeat, you will be shown Ending B.

'BLUE paper'[]

"Tall man in a red coat grabs you by your neck and starts choking. You kick him and rush to the door. (-3 STAMINA)"

Available Option

  • resolve this event

Triggers fight with AKA MANTO. Upon his defeat, you will be shown Ending B.

'I don't want anything from you!'[]


Available Option:

  • it's getting darker...

Triggers combat with AKA MANTO (True Form). Upon his defeat, you will be shown Ending A. Unlike combat with the default form of AKA MANTO, if your STAMINA or REASON drops below zero against his true form, you will immediately be shown a special bad ending.


There are two available endings in Chilling Chronicle of Crimson Cape, plus a special bad ending if you lose to AKA MANTO (True Form).

Ending A: Red Coat (Thing)[]

"...when you wake up, you find yourself back in the toilet stall. Thinking it was all a dream, you stand up, only to hear a crack from under your shoe.

"There lies a broken crimson mask.

"AKA MANTO might return one day, but now you know that ancient horrors -can- be defeated."

This ending is achieved by defeating Aka Manto (True Form).

Ending B: Red Coat (Man)[]

"Blood flowing from wounds in tall man's red coat makes it look like the man was slowly melting.

"You hear cackling coming from behind the mask and faint... and when you wake up, he's gone.

"Somehow, you know he will be back in another stall, another school, another city, continuing the horror."

This ending is achieved by defeating Aka Manto. The special reward for reaching this ending is "[MASK]: he left something behind", which awards you with Crestfallen Mask.

Bad Ending[]

"Basking in the sun's morbid glow, your corpse continues to twist and warp bringing you closer to your primordial, perfect form. Soon, the Herald will take you to the Shattered Court, where you will perform and sing mad songs until the end of time itself."

This ending is achieved by having either your STAMINA or REASON drop below zero. The final log entries after this ending show that your cause of death is "Lost in the Otherworld".